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As with any exterior product, James Hardie Calgary products come with specific manufacturer recommendations for installation. There is in fact a right way and a wrong way to install Hardie siding. There are also particulars in order to install the product to its maximum advantage, and durability.

These instructions are so crucial, that James Hardie posts them on their website. And prints several of these key points onto the product packaging itself. It is so important that these rules are kept. That could in fact void your warranty should your installer not follow them. These materials are highly engineered and researched to make sure. They function and remain aesthetically pleasing.

You can find a list of best practices on their website, which will run you through how the materials should be handled before, during, and after installation, how to properly install them, including proper spacing, distance from the ground, and other adjoining structures. 

James Hardie Calgary offers color-matched touch-up kits, paints, and trim

There is no reason for your contractor to have to guess what color needs to be used to touch up and damage, or rough spots post-installation. James Hardie Calgary takes all the guesswork out of finishing. All their siding products come with color-matched ancillary products to give you the most complete finish possible.

This means you may not have to replace an entire board for a scratch or chip, it could potentially be touched up, saving you money and time. Color matching is very simple as the color name is uniform, throughout products. Hardie board suppliers generally carry all the available colors or can order in as requested. 

James Hardie Calgary carries several profiles for their Hardie siding

Hardie board suppliers in Calgary want you to know they aren’t one-trick ponies! James Hardie offers several finishes to create the exterior of your dreams. Of course, there is the popular Hardieplank Lap, the most common form of Hardie siding in Calgary, there is also HardieShingle siding, which gives the appearance of cedar shake siding, with the durability of Hardie, Hardie Vertical Siding, to create a more board and batten look, or a modern vertical aesthetic, and their Artisan Collection. Characterized as a higher-end, thicker finish than their traditional Hardieplank lap finish. 

James Hardie Calgary wants you to have the ability to create a house that truly feels like your interpretation of home!

Hardie Board Suppliers offer sample kits to contractors

Your contractor should have access to color swatches, styles, and finish samples which they can provide to you the homeowner. Hardie Board Suppliers will also offer samples of the actual material. Which you can touch, feel and see to help you decide on what you’re looking for. 

James Hardie Calgary has numerous options when it comes to colors, finishes, and detail work. This can become really overwhelming when deciding what you want. Your contractor should be able to help you narrow it down. What you find most aesthetically pleasing, and to assist in that process. Hardie Board Suppliers offer samples because seeing is often believing. 

In addition to the physical samples, the James Hardie website offers comprehensive explanations, color break down and finish details. So, that you can truly visualize what you want, and then make your vision a reality. Knowing what you want will help you get what you want. 

Not all Hardie installers are the same caliber

Just because your contractor has access to Hardie materials or an account with Hardie board Suppliers in Calgary does not mean that they necessarily have the skillset to create what you’re after. Hardie is a beautiful and sophisticated product, they have many different options, that do not limit your ability to imagine your ideal finish. However, not all contractors have the ability to turn your vision into reality, or even to see what you’re wanting.

It’s important that you do your research, especially when you’re after a complicated or intricate finished product. Hardie board in Calgary must be installed correctly in order to maintain its integrity, both aesthetically and physically. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, or to ask for references, at the end of the day you should feel confident with your contractor and his ability. 

While having an account or access to a Hardie Board Supplier. It does not necessarily mean that the contractor has the skillset. It does tell you that they are doing this professionally. Most Hardie suppliers in Calgary require a certain amount spent a year to maintain your status with them. This would indicate that their contractor at the least purchases Hardie supplies semi-regularly. In addition. 

Hardie Suppliers Calgary will offer the product at a lower cost than hardware stores. And those savings will be passed on to you the homeowner.  Also, because these products are being purchased from a supplier rather than a hardware store. There is higher turnover, and the product is either ordered in specifically for your job or won’t have been sitting on the shelf for as long as it would at a hardware store. 

Hardie Board Suppliers want to work in partnership with your contractor to create your dream home

James Hardie Calgary offers a variety of products in different styles, finishes, and colors to suit your needs. Hardie Board Suppliers Calgary provides their contractors with the tools they need to install your James Hardie products to their best structural, aesthetic, and durable integrity. The products have been extensively tested, engineered, and researched in order, and as such have certain rules to maintain your manufacturer’s warranty, it’s imperative your Contractor knows this and follows these rules.

Hardie Board suppliers Calgary will provide contractors access to these best practice rules. And there is also a handbook available on the James Hardie website.  Hardie board suppliers in Calgary also provide all ancillary products needed to make sure your finished product is perfect. And taking the guesswork out of creating a perfect finish.

Not all contractors are the same. Hardie board install requires attention to detail. And specific skillsets to install it correctly and to manufacturer specs. As a homeowner looking to install Hardie board siding to your home. You should not be afraid to ask questions, do your research and ask for references of your contractor. Remember the product will only work as well as it has been installed, beautiful material will not look beautiful if it has been installed incorrectly. 

Here at Tymbridge Contracting we have over 18 years worth of experience in numerous types of siding, and have an eye for detail and design. We want to help you create your dream home, to make your vision a reality. Call us today for your free quote and consultation!

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