Best Bipolar Disorder Treatment from Experienced Ohio Psychiatric Associates?

Bipolar disorder is a mental disorder that leads to severe mood swings within a person. A bipolar patient experiences a significant shift in their moods, and it starts affecting their work, relationships, and health because their personalities are changed rapidly. A person having bipolar disorder experiences a cycle of manic or hypomanic episodes and depressive episodes throughout their lives.

Manic is a state in which a bipolar patient feels overly active, happy, and energetic. They might do things that they would not usually do. They will become very impulsive and have poor decision-making like getting involved in risky sexual behavior or spending a lot on useless things. Manic can have a lighter state as well; that is called hypomanic. In a hypomanic episode, the person has the same feelings, but the symptoms are not severe.

The other episode is depressive, and the person gets feelings of sadness, sorrow, and depression. It is the total opposite of a manic state. It can last up to two weeks, and the person having them may make suicide attempts.

Bipolar disorder stays with you for life, but it can be treated and controlled by proper medication and treatment. You can get your bipolar disorder from the best Ohio psychiatric associates.

Symptoms of Bipolar Disorder

There are various symptoms of bipolar disorder, as each mental state has its signs.

In a manic or hypomanic state, the person might go with risky sexual behavior, substance abuse, or indecisive spending on different things.

In a depressive state, the person may feel hopeless and tired most of the time, have insomnia, losing interest in activities they usually enjoy and have suicidal thoughts.

Bipolar disorder is hard to diagnose because many other symptoms are depending on the gender and age of people.

Types of Bipolar Disorders

Three major types of bipolar disorder affect the mental well-being of people.

Bipolar I Disorder

It is Bipolar I disorder if you had one manic episode and after that, you face a hypomanic or depressive state. It might even lead to psychosis in some cases.

Bipolar II Disorder

It is Bipolar II disorder if you had one major depressive episode and one hypomanic episode without having any manic state. It has been most common in women.


In Cyclothymia, people experience manic or hypomanic and depressive episodes, but the symptoms are not that severe. These patients will face stable moods only for one month or two months.

Causes of Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder is a prevalent mental disorder, but the natural causes are still not clear for researchers. Although, the following are the causes that might lead to bipolar disorder:

Genetic Causes

Genes can have some impact on mental health. People who have a history of bipolar disorder in the family are more likely to get a bipolar disorder.

Biological Causes

Chemical imbalance in the brain can lead to bipolar disorder. Sometimes, people can get mental illnesses after having an injury to the head.

Environmental Causes

Most of the time, environmental happenings are more likely to affect the normal functioning of a person. People who do not have a perfect social life can have mental health issues. Similarly, people who are having chronic diseases may get a mental disorder.

Likewise, traumatic experiences can affect mental health as well. Child abuse, sexual assault, etc., can lead to bipolar disorders.

How Can the Best Ohio Psychiatric Associates Help You?

Cleveland Psychiatry Associates can help you to get the best treatment for bipolar disorder. They have been operating for 25+ years, and they have over a thousand happy patients. According to their satisfied patients, they have the best Ohio psychiatric associates in cleveland. They offer evidence-based treatment to their patients. It is perfect for bipolar patients because their symptoms may vary a lot.

The procedure of getting treatment is straightforward. You have to book an appointment, the psychiatrist will diagnose your mental health, and a completely customized treatment plan will be offered to the patient. Each bipolar patient requires different medication and psychotherapy because their symptoms are very other 

You should see a psychiatrist when you feel like you are facing a cycle of mood swings and these mood swings are so severe that they affect your relationships, work, and health. And, if you feel you are having bipolar symptoms, you can get help from Ohio psychiatric associates.

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