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All iPad Air 10.9 cases may not be made equal. Poor construction and substandard materials are not uncommon. If you’re not careful, you might end up with a case that isn’t worth your investment.

Zugu is here to help. Zugu is a well-known accessory and iPad case retailer. They specialize in high-quality products that are top-quality. The cases by Zugu are highly regarded and have received many positive reviews.

Continue reading to learn more about the reasons why you should buy your new iPad Air 10.9 from Zugu.

Wireless Apple Pencil charging & storage

Your Zugu iPad case will fit any Apple Pencil model, no matter what generation. The case’s back has storage for your accessory and it is protected by an elastic pocket. This pocket’s elasticity is ideal for holding your pencil. It offers a secure hold but doesn’t feel too tight. If the Apple Pencil storage area isn’t properly formatted, the pencil could slip out. In some cases, the storage area or size of the pocket may be too small to hold the pencil securely. Zugu will take care of all these things. The Apple Pencil Pocket is designed to protect your pencil and it’s easy to access your pencil.

Another Zugu plus case? The 4th generation iPad Air case has wireless charging compatibility for the Apple Pencil. Are you tired of remembering to charge your pencil separately every time? After you have started charging your iPad, the Apple Pencil will wirelessly charge as long as it is in its storage pocket. The pocket can be used for wired charging even if your pencil does not have wireless charging.

Magnetic mount allows for hands-free, easy use

Zugu’s amazing feature is the ability to mount your iPad Air case on any metal surface. Each iPad Air case comes with a magnet on the back that allows you to attach your device to metals or metal alloys like stainless steel. This feature will be useful as you cook or do other chores around the kitchen since many kitchen appliances and refrigerators are made from metal.

Clear an area that is at least equal in size to your iPad for mounting. The back of your iPad should be strong enough to contact the surface where you plan to mount it. After your device is secured, the magnet will hold it in place. It is strong enough not to slip or slide. It is easy to remove your device from its mount. Simply hold the corners and pull the magnet towards you.

This is a great alternative to using if your device is not able to be used on a smooth surface such as if it is wet or has limited space.

Multi-angle adjustable stand to improve viewing

The case’s adjustable stand can be used if there are no metal surfaces to mount your device. This stand is different from most other stands. It can be placed in more than three angles. Some iPad Air 10.9 Case (4th Gen) 2020 have seven angles while others have eight. The iPad Air 10.9 case, however, has eight.

Magnetically secured, the adjustable stand prevents your iPad from falling or sliding out of its place. This can cause damage to the screen or body of the device. You have many options to choose from so it is easier to use your iPad in many different ways.

Do you want to create digital art like drawing or painting? You might be getting ready to binge-watch your favorite YouTube video or podcast. Adjust the stand to whatever angle you prefer and your device will remain in place until it is moved.

Expert-level construction and building

Each case of Zugu is made from TPU and PC (thermoplastic plastic polyethylene et polycarbonate). These are strong plastics that are used often by manufacturers to make safety equipment and medical machinery.

The quality of the cases that Zugu makes is what sets it apart. Have you ever tried to insert headphones or the charging cables into an iPad case? Every Zugu case is made to fit all iPad models. This means that you don’t have to worry about the ports being misaligned or a poor fit.

To absorb shock, cases are fitted with bumpers along the edges. These bumpers provide military-standard protection against scratches, cracks, and dents if your device falls.

Make the right decision

You want an iPad Air 10.9 cover that is reliable, durable, and affordable. You can be sure of your satisfaction when you choose a Zugu case for your iPad Air, iPad Pro or iPad Mini. Zugu stands behind its commitment to quality, durable products and offers a risk-free guarantee.

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